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  • MySQL Consultant / Architect, based in Houston, TX.
  • Specializing in large, complex MySQL installations.
  • Expert in PHP. Pretty good with C and bash one-liners.

Public Events

Percona Live MySQL Conference 2017

Percona Live MySQL Conference 2015

Employment History

Percona, Inc

Senior MySQL Architect / Senior Consultant / Lead Trainer November 2012 - Present

As a Senior MySQL Architect/Consultant, I assist many Fortune 500 companies with their MySQL woes. Anything and everything from performance tuning and backups and recovery to system design and query rewriting. I am also an expert with PHP-memcached integration and MySQL Cluster (NDB) setup and tuning.

As lead trainer, I travel all over the world teaching employees of clients on the best practices of MySQL.

  • Provide ongoing MySQL/Linux consulting services to Fortune 500 clients.
  • Specializing in MySQL Cluster (NDB) for 99.999% uptime.
  • Lead Trainer for Classroom-based MySQL training.

PayPal, Inc

Senior MySQL DBAFeburary 2012 - November 2012

As leader on a team of 3, I managed the day-to-day MySQL operations for 2,400 MySQL servers.

  • Designed, architected and implemented upgrades of all MySQL Servers from 5.0 to 5.5.
  • Participated in weekly-rotating on-call duties.
  • Designed and implemented data validation tools between master and slaves.
  • Managed a datacenter migration, requiring the moving of 100+ MySQL servers, with zero downtime.
  • Tracked and managed progress of other team members.
  • Implemented massive monitoring tools solution using MySQL Enterprise Monitor.
  • Functioned as capacity planner between upper management and developers.
  • Provided plans and implementations of performance tuning.
  • Provided guidance and consultation on SQL design with developers.
  • Rewrote several legacy scripts in multi-threaded C to more efficiently execute ETL jobs.
  • Wrote new maintenance scripts in bash and PHP to automate weekly and monthly tasks.

Dell Secureworks

Senior MySQL DBAJanuary 2011 - December 2011

  • Managed the day-to-day MySQL operations for 200 MySQL servers in 3 different cities.
  • Project managed and executed the upgrade of those 200 MySQL servers to 5.1.54.
  • Project managed and executed core business MySQL servers' hardware upgrade without downtime.
  • Created monitoring scripts to preemptively catch bad queries, long running queries, etc.
  • Instigated policies for ‘best-practices’ when troubleshooting MySQL issues.
  • Performance tuned MySQL servers for optimal speed and efficiency.
  • Provided consultative expert advice on new projects and deployments.
  • Assisted in the training of 200 developers on best practices for SQL design when using MySQL.
  • Facilitated as the ‘approver’ of all schema changes in new development.
  • Participated as team lead for MySQL databases on new code deployments and DDL changes.
  • Initiated a global MySQL partitioning effort to improve query performance and facilitate automatic archiving of older data.
  • Created a schema comparison tool, in PHP, to find the differences between tables of two different hosts.

Softlayer, an IBM Company

Senior MySQL DBAJuly 2008 - December 2010

As the Senior MySQL DBA for SoftLayer Managed Hosting department, I oversaw the database needs for all things MySQL by provide consulting services for new, existing and growing customers and troubleshooting issues when they arise.

I also developed new and innovative ways to increase efficiency within the Linux team by introducing new or improving existing methods of automation.

  • Created and launched Northstar Managed Hosting’s MySQL support offering.
  • Established and documented guidelines and ‘best-practices’ for managing and maintaining MySQL.
  • Developed and maintained custom backup and recovery solution for MySQL.
  • Worked closely with vendors and other open-source software to develop advanced MySQL monitoring and performance statistics.
  • Created and maintained an internal “dashboard” which allowed engineers to more efficiently utilize their skills and decrease response time to customer issues.
  • Created several automated reports to give management better visibility into ticket metrics (ie: initial response time, longest tickets, hours worked per ticket).
  • Created a bandwidth graphing system for use by the technical account manager to supplement customer invoices.
  • Created documents to assist in cross training MySQL to other employees.
  • Obtained necessary certifications pertinent to job (Certified MySQL DBA, Certified MySQL Cluster DBA, Red Hat Certified Engineer).
  • Manage the day-to-day MySQL operations for 40 customers.
  • Provide consultative services and expert opinions and recommendations to new and existing customers during the (re)design phases of their topology.
  • Teach customers how to understand table creation and index usage based on industry best-practices.

FamilyTree DNA

Senior MySQL DBANovember 2007 - July 2008

  • Designed, implemented and maintained fault tolerant network services in a co-location facility.
  • Used HP ProCurve 2800's to implement VLANs for separating layer 3 networks and STP to provide High-Availability to individual machines.
  • Used WatchGuard 750e Firebox's to create client VPN access, static VPN tunnels to branch offices, prevent DDoS attacks, manage layer 3 routing and provide NAT translation to protect back-end servers.
  • Lead programmer of company sister site. Designed with 100% PHP5 using the Symfony MVC framework and MySQL Cluster 5.1 back-end.
  • Designed, implemented and maintained MySQL 5.1 Cluster.
  • Installed, configured and maintained linux servers using Fedora Core 8.
  • Installed, configured and maintained Apache 2.2, mod_proxy, mod_security and mod_cache to act as front-end caching servers and to provide protection from various user attacks such as SQL injection.
  • Setup monitoring services on linux servers using SNMP, Cacti, Zabbix and IPMonitor. Integrated Apache and MySQL into monitoring to provide additional statistical performance graphs.

VoilaIP Communications

Senior PHP ProgrammerMay 2007 - October 2007

  • Senior PHP programmer for company website and customer backend systems.
  • Initiated a refactoring of customer signup process; utilized Symphony MVC framework.
  • Designed and maintained database systems; MySQL

OmNovia Technologies

Director of DevelopmentOctober 2005 - November 2007

  • Responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining high-availability Linux-based, Apache and MySQL server nodes in a clustered environment thus providing 99.999% uptime of company websites and databases.
  • Implemented email-based customer support ticket system and knowledge-base forums, which reduced customer support calls by 75 percent.
  • Lead programmer for all aspects of company's web-conferencing products.
  • Using PHP, created web-portal allowing customers to manage their own accounts, view invoices, pay bills, modify conference room settings and create events thus dramatically reducing support calls.
  • Improved system efficiency over 60 percent by converting main application from CGI to mod_perl.
  • Used AJAX and XML to reduce extraneous data sent by server which improved efficiency.
  • Using PHP, developed several in-house utilities to help eliminate redundant and tedious tasks.
  • Programmed in Flex/Flash ActionScript 3 to develop newest version of company conferencing product which will further reduce support calls.

Cypress Telecommunications

IT DirectorAugust 2004 - September 2005

  • Tested customer VoIP phones (Cisco 79XX, Polycom 501), T1 and PRI links to VoIP carriers and VoIP quality with nationwide carriers.
  • Designed and maintained Cisco Powered Networks (7200, 2600, 5300 Series Routers).
  • Designed and maintained centralized MySQL database system.
  • Created Web-based control panel for customers that allowed them manage their own accounts and call patterns.
  • Maintained company email, Web and DNS servers (qmail, apache, bind).
  • Released patches and bug fixes to open source VoIP PBX, Asterisk (C, MySQL)


BA Geography, CS Minor The University of Texas at Austin, 2004

During my 4 years at UT Austin, I was Vice-President of the Residence Hall Association; managing the communications of over 25,000 on-campus residents. I was employed by the core web-design team and internal linux team for 2 years.

  • Vice President, University Residence Hall Association, 2001-2004


  • Born and raised in Texas.
  • Advanced Level / National Competitor in West Coast Swing dance.
  • I enjoy snow skiing, scuba diving, roller coasters and camping without technology.